Team Up to Cope with COVID-19

In April of 2020 C33 shared some of the resources they had been working on to assist youth with developing effective coping skills with the public in a campaign called Team Up to Cope with COVID-19. At a time of great uncertainty these resources proved to be impactful. 

With social distancing, self-isolation and stay-at-home quarantines underway, schools and universities closing campuses, public events and sports seasons postponed, and fear of the unknown, EMBRACE Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation launched  “Team-Up to Cope with COVID.” It’s a public awareness campaign aimed at practicing thoughtful, basic lifelong coping skills, including self-soothing and other techniques, that are especially helpful and hopeful reminders in the midst of a pandemic or crisis.

The “Team-Up to Cope with COVID” project focuses on addressing the emotional well-being of individuals and families during a time of particular vulnerability to emotional problems. Practical tips and resources are available online from therapists and experts, along with a series of seven “MindHack” short-form videos inspired by professional athletes we admire and respect. Their messages are intended to help an individual’s coping skills to reduce daily stress and to be mindful, empathetic, and accepting of yourself and others.

For every share of the MindHack video series, C33 donated $4.12 to the Pittsburgh Foundation’s Emergency Action Fund, where mental health is a key priority. This campaign raised $41,200.