Letter to Parents


Did you know that practicing gratitude is proven to increase happiness and sports satisfaction, improve team cohesion, reduce stress, and lower levels of burnout?

Citrone33 aims to identify, develop and support methods to deliver mental-wellness
skills that are practical and accessible. We strive to personalize those everyday skills to speak to the needs of the communities we serve. Each of us, regardless of age, race, gender, or faith, is entitled to mental well-being that is supported and respected by others. By completing the 33 Day Gratitude & Greatness Challenge, your students will be learning how to focus and reflect on their lives off and on the field. From
understanding how to navigate stressful situations, creating healthy habits, reflecting on the small moments of joy in our lives, and learning how to grow through adversity, your students will find that spending a few minutes each day will have a huge impact.

While the 33 Day Gratitude & Greatness Challenge will be completed as a team, you don’t have to be a sideline player. We encourage you to ask questions, craft your own responses to the daily questions, practice your own gratitude, and talk with your
children about how they can use Gratitude Skills in their everyday lives to improve their mental well-being. You can request your own copy of The Little Black and Gold Book of Gratitude at citrone33.org.