Break the Ice

Created by Citrone 33 and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, Break the Ice is a movement in support of Hockey Talks for each and every Penguins fan, as mental health is health. Through #BreakTheIce, fans are challenged to connect with one another and to take positive action regarding their own mental wellness and that of their loved ones. On January 10th, 2023 Citrone 33 took positive action towards prioritizing our mental health with the Pittsburgh Penguins during the 4th Annual Hockey Talks Game.  The event included a pre-game session for local youth hockey players with several guest speakers – including Jay W. Osterman from MTV’s Mental Health Action Day & Tyler Smith from Not Alone Co. & the Humboldt Broncos. Resources were shared on our concourse by local organizations, such as UPMC who featured our COOL Zone & MindHacks initiatives. A fundraising collection occurred in support of suicide prevention in our Veteran community. Additionally, we created Hockey Talks branded winter hats as a giveaway to help keep mental health top of mind.

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